Work, Riding and Work Again.

July 24, 2010


I’ve got into the awful habit of writing about my day the day after because I’m so tired in the evening….ok well I wrote the blog about seeing Nick Jonas the day after it happened because I was so tired by the end of that day so after I’d written that I was too tired to write this blog which I’m now writing the day after, fortunately I don’t have anything to say about today.

Yesterday was a full day which was pretty exhausting as I didn’t really get a recovery sleep from the London trip! I had work 9.30-12.30pm where I guess I was kinda of sleepy but it was alright you know only 3 hrs and after a bit I sort of woke up. When it finished I was hungry and thirsty so I bought some food and drink, then bought a magazine my sister wanted but I had to rush home as I got out late and my sister was going to be at the house waiting for me at 12.50pm.

Fortunately she was late so I got in and got changed quick, but she arrived before I could eat my lunch so I just brought my drink with me and had that as I was so thirsty. She already had everything ready for riding so we just brushed her horse and tacked him up, then went off.

We took the usual path which is along the roads for a bit and then on the edges of the farm fields that we have permission to be in, for some reason part way along he got a bit worried about a hedge that we were going past, he kept giving it odd looks and stopping. This being a hedge he’s gone past before so we don’t know if he saw something but he seemed to be ok, so we carried on then decided to turn back for times sake so I could get back to work.

Only a moment after we’d turned he spooked for some reason, hopping into the farm field though we have no idea what he spooked at he got over it awfully fast to duck his head down to graze on the grass growing between the crops. We managed to get him back on the path but after that he kept looking around warily and walking fast, so after a while of half halts then making him stand if they didn’t work he seemed to relax but only once the hedge was behind him (even though he spooked next to an empty field, not the hedge).

After that he walked nicely home unbothered all of a sudden, we untacked him, gave him treats and did other stuff before letting him go where he happily walked to the other horses.

Then I got taken home to get ready for work (again) and then went for a 5-8pm shift, fortunately I was working with my friend this time and I think the only sign that I was tired now was how appalling my memory got!

Today I’ve done the same sort of working hours 9.30-12.30pm again, but this time 6-9pm in the evening which I haven’t done yet. Though the first shift when I was on the front tills I actually didn’t stop serving for 1 and a half hours but down the back it was empty then busy, then empty again.

Now I’m going to chill and probably read my book until I have work again *sigh*.

Ooo got a photo of my friends ultrasound. Cuuuute!!

Oh still listening to Invisible from JONAS LA.

RukiBlue =)


My Day In London Trying to Find Nick Jonas

July 23, 2010


So as I said in previous blog I went to London to see Nick Jonas as he’s there performing in Les Miz. Have to say it was pretty much just a completely hectic day and all I did was see him, but all the same…that’s pretty awesome.

I got up around 5am like I planned to get ready, then met my friend in town, we spent about 30-45mins on the bus, then 2hrs on the train, it seemed to go on forever but we finally got there then took the underground. We went to the back of the theatre where Nick would be later to sign and see fans etc. But we went to see if we could find where he was staying as here would be pretty hectic later and it was empty at the time.

We went to where Joe stayed but he wasn’t there as no fans were around, so we went to his apartment where he’d been before but the guy in reception said they left cause of Nick’s two week extension. We decided to tell the other girls out there waiting so they didn’t waste their day waiting, they were kinda upset but we decided to sort of join together and head back to the theatre as we couldn’t really think where he could be.

As we’re heading off I think it’s a good description to say the heavens opened…very very much. We got completely soaked!! So we hurried to a store and bought brollies, literally the second we turned around after buying them the rain stopped completely. So slightly annoyed about that we headed to the theatre where some people had started gathering, after that  we queued and did some serious waiting..

We met other people, and apart from my two trips to starbucks I stayed there with them waiting for roughly six hours altogether. A girl who I think has been there every night told us that we had a better chance of getting a signature on the other side as he went down that way every other night, so we moved but we were behind the people already there we were still close to the barriers.

It was quite funny how many people who were just going past asked what was going on or who we were waiting for, most of them were like who? When we said Nick Jonas but some people were like oooh yeah ok then moved on. I think the funniest was a woman who asked who we were waiting for so we told her then showed her the picture of him in the Les Miz program and she went ‘ooh I can see why you’re waiting for him!’

Turns out Nick went in the front which was kinda gutting to hear when it happened but he did come out to see us which kinda of adds up to the same thing. I could tell he came out not because I saw him but because I heard everyone go crazzy. On tiptoes I could see Big Rob and I managed to get a few photos of him which was pretty cool, but the crowd was so…swarming I didn’t really see Nick until he got really close.

As Nick walks along the line…hmm I guess we can call them ‘very rude people’ follow behind and then come pushing forward, either pushing into you or pushing you aside, so things get quite squashed. One girl practically jumped on me squashing me against the girl in front who must’ve been pushed into the barrier. Nick didn’t sign mine, I couldn’t get a photo because that arm was stuck, but I did watch him sign my friends stuff.

Thank heaven for small mercies, he did not sign for the girl who squashed me.

After that he went back in, kinda sad about the autograph but I did see him, and I know I did and as for photos the people I met took them and so did my friend, so I can just borrow them to show my friends to show how close we were. Seeing Nick and Big Rob was worth all that trouble we went through I’ve decided in the end, and thanks to the girl who moved us, we would’ve never got that close otherwise!

As for the autograph? Another day I think =P If at first you don’t succeed? Try, try and try again. And I’m quite determined most the time haha. If anything I’ll see them in concert when they tour here.

Additional note, I can’t stop listening to Invisible from JONAS LA, it was in my head for almost a week straight so now I’m listening to it constantly.

RukiBlue =)

What My Blog Will Be

July 21, 2010


So I’ve noticed that I don’t write in my blog very often and when I do it has a sort of point to it, I get an insightful moment and blah blah about it hoping someone gets what I mean.

I happened to look back on my mibba profile and through my old journal entries for a link someone gave me in the comments once, but I realised I used to write those just about significant parts of my day which I had intended for this but kind of never did. So I’ve decided I will start doing that now, it probably won’t last long as I usually stop but I’m sure I’ll pick it up again.

So I guess I’ll start now with today! Me and my friend Fiiii have kind of become obsessed with this card game, you’re supposed to put three cards down, have three in your hand and three cards on top of the ones that are down so everyone can see them. But we had this idea that we add another pack of cards to it and make it bigger, but we ended up making it so we put 4 cards down…then it just kept growing…

Now we play it with four packs of cards and there’s 37 cards down…and it’s still growing!! We looked for another pack of cards today (we look for cool ones like we have doctor who, harry potter and hello kitty ones atm) but we couldn’t find one sadly =(

I also had work today, it was great except this one stupid customer. Typical right? We lock our back doors and tills at 6pm, and she asks me if anyone can go on the tills and i say no they’ve been taken off so I can’t, she gets in a strop about it and leaves her milk on the floor and then goes to go out the doors I just told her were locked! I put the milk away and tell her the back doors are locked after 6pm. Her husband rants about it being no good in a fire, and a colleague was there so we were saying how we have to lock it because of shoplifters and it’s not our fault they get locked. Then the woman comes along in a stroppy way and then starts shouting at me saying I have a job to do and I’m not allowed to bad mouth her…

I was actually a bit like frozen for a moment thinking ‘…WHAT?!’ The only thing I’ve said to this woman so far is the back doors are locked and the tills are off! She carries on saying she could report me and all such and such, I’m tempted to yell at her but of course I’m not allowed to so I simply say ‘I didn’t say anything to you’ and she’s like ‘are you denying it?’ and still confused I just say ‘Yes I didn’t say anything to you’ so she goes off stroppy telling another colleague on the way I should be fired.

Some customers are reeally stupid and annoying, I really wish she could get out of her…mind set.. and just have a look at what happened again and realise just how stupid she made herself look. None of my colleagues believed her, I mean I obviously hadn’t ‘badmouthed’ her she was being a bit deluded there. Some people just get in bad moods and take it out on other people, you can just tell she hasn’t done a good days work otherwise she wouldn’t be like that to me.

On a lighter note, I appreciate how none of my colleagues believed her and were so nice about it, and too were angry and thought she was stupid 😛

Also in lighter news! We were so over staffed I went home an hour early! I thought he was kidding! Turns out he wasn’t so I ran off all happy!

Going to London tomorrow to see Nick Jonas hopefully! Excited!!! I don’t think I’m going to sleep tonight. Anyways I hope this is the beginning of good blogging…I will probably have lots to say after tomorrow…if I see him good stuff, if I don’t bad stuff!

RukiBlue =)

A Little Bit of Good in the World

June 17, 2010


I’m thinking my blogs are fast becoming those insightful moments I have during the day written down, which works for me, then I can actually get a opinion back or at least remember them.

Anyway I was just thinking how I’m basically everyones agony aunt, ok I actually had this thought about over a week ago at work. I mean amongst my friend group if they have a problem it’s definitely coming to me (it makes me wonder what they do when it’s a problem about me) and only a few years ago I used to hide on msn because I knew they would come on and tell me a problem and I would have to come up with some sort of magical solution.

Now I’m not sure if I actually solve these problems…or if I give good advice, I don’t really remember, but I assume so for the people who keep coming back? Unless they’re stupid.. But just the other day I had a friend really down about a guy, and I think I finally snapped and didn’t want her to do something stupid but I stubbornly kept giving her advice until she listened and it’s all good now, so I guess in some ways it works. (If Patzey reads this, yes that is Reita-chan).

Anyway back to being at work, I have one of those work places where everyone just knows everyone and we all get on like a busy little family, well MOST of them anyway, and during a work day depending on your hours you might be working with several different people throughout the day. So one of those days when I was in the morning and then the early and late afternoon, i was with different people gradually over time and it made me realise that all people talk about is their problems…I mean think long and hard about it! All we talk about is problems!

Thinking of this I decided to look at each person and see if I could think of their problems, I looked at once person and thought ‘she’s having a bad day suffering from hip pains’, I looked to the next person ‘she’s having problems with her hours and she’s being picked up late’, ‘she’s being given hours she can’t do and is being taken to court’ ‘she’s feeling sick and doesn’t have a break’ etc. etc. I could do it with every single person because they tell you the second you get a moment to talk!

But it’s what we do I guess, I mean I was telling people I had a headache and neckache at times, I didn’t really do it quite as much as others, I like to talk about funny things quite a lot…I’m not all problems problems problems I guess.

Now before this seems like a blog about me complaining about the human nature to…complain… I’d like to move onto my point.

I was doing my late night story reading, yeah I’m weird and go around on the net reading short stories by people just to see if there’s anything good, but I never for the life of me comment…sometimes because I’m not a member on the site where I am but most the time because I just don’t feel the need to and I don’t feel like it makes a difference. But I was on this story I liked, to see if it was updated but it wasn’t, but it did have a message from the author on why she wouldn’t be able to update for a while.

It said her friends grandmother had died, and the friend had completely broken down and hadn’t even got to say goodbye. Maybe you had to see the way it was written but I felt so bad for both of them, and I got this like compelling need to tell her that 1) Saying goodbye does not make things better, u just feel like it would do when u don’t get to say it, 2) I hope its all better soon and what not, and 3) updating the story is not important.

Soon I had actually written the message, also saying I kinda don’t write comments but I had to tell you this sort of thing. I didn’t actually know why I did it, I went off thinking whyyy? I don’t even know this person…did I feel the need to pass on knowledge and sympathy?

Not long after I had a message back, she thanked me for the support and said it meant a lot to her, and the fact I never write comments made it more special.

So now for the cheesy ending? It’s all about making people happy in the end, I feel satisfied that I made that girl I don’t know and probably never will feel supported and maybe feel better. Even though my friend is rambling on about all her talks with this guy I’m glad I gave her the advice that led to it because she’s happy as frick. And at work sometimes just letting them talk about their problems makes them feel better, so I don’t mind being that random person that listens to them all.

So that’s my little cheesy lecture for the day, just hope someone reads it and thinks about it when someones annoyingly telling u all their problems, just think how happy they’ll be if u managed to help them solve one 😉

RukiBlue =)

P.S. Yeah those people who have looooads of problems and are never happy even when ones solved? Yeah I can’t help with those people….

Parallel Universes

May 24, 2010


So my parents were watching this thing on TV about this guy who wanted to travel to a parallel universe, of course watching it we knew his ideas wouldn’t work I mean we would’ve heard about it by now, but the things they said were pretty interesting and it makes you think of all these really cool things that could be happening.

A funny idea I found was that whilst they on this program talked about trying to get to other parallel universes there could be people in the parallel universes trying to figure out how to get to us. Also when he was going on about making a portal through he mentioned that the living conditions might not be good in the parallel universe which I thought it would kind of suck if you finally managed to get into a parallel universe and there was no oxygen, it’s like yay I’m here! Now I’m dead…

Also when he was talking about going through this tunnel to the parallel universes either himself or these little remote helicopters he had, I was thinking if there is a universe that is exactly the same with people and memories with just a tinsy thing different, wouldn’t this guy be in the parallel universe trying to get to us in the same way? So if they both sent their little helicopters through at the same time couldn’t they just crash in the middle? And we’d just assume it didn’t work not realising what really happened. And if people went through couldn’t they just swap with their parallel selves and because they look the same no one would believe them!

We also had some interesting ideas about Heaven and Hell, maybe they’re parallel universes? And we just can’t get to them because our bodies can’t move through the dimensions, only our souls can! So when we die our souls go off and can move through the dimensions to heaven or hell. And it’s possible that when we do bad stuff it affects our soul in such a way it’s impossible for it to travel to the heaven universe. I also had the idea of the above and below sort of being translated into the fact maybe when we do bad things our soul gains something that makes it heavier so when we die it is forced to move down into the parallel universe of hell which is below us but if it’s untanted by bad things it’s so light that it goes straight up to the above parallel universe: heaven. But if it’s a sort of balance of both we get trapped forever on earth neither rising or falling: ghosts.

Another idea is maybe we’re never meant to meet because we’ll destroy each other with things the others didn’t know? For example if another world doesn’t know about cigarettes or alcohol and we show them, and we bring them somewhat down with us? They could’ve been a pure universe before hand… My mum also had an idea as I mentioned maybe to another universe Obama is someone completely different, maybe someone normal and they’d find it weird that he’s president here. After I said this my mum said maybe in another universe Obama is a white president in a mostly black populated world, which is an interesting idea. So we could possibly balance each other out if we met?

For example, we’re quite over-sensitive with racist comments against black people but dissing a white person is absolutely fine, no one ever gets told off for being racist to a white person let’s face it. So maybe it would be in the opposite for this other world that’s mostly black populated? And if we met they’d find us all really racist by the way white people are talked about whilst we’d find them really racist by the way they talk about black people, so we’d sort of balance out.

Anyways I could go on forever about this, anyone got interesting ideas about parallel universes? I think it’s all really interesting =)

RukiBlue =)

Standing Up for Vegetarianism and Dogs.

May 16, 2010


I’m just feeling a bit proud of myself for pointing a fault in people who aren’t vegetarians but seem to care about animals, because people don’t seem to get my point of being a vegetarian and it’s a thing people say a lot is ‘they’ll be killed anyway’ and stuff.

I’d like to point out that I’m never pushing vegetarianism on anyone and I tell people it’s just what I am and I don’t feel like I should have to explain why, this is a rare occasion. And this is actually mostly defending dogs and cats too.

How the situation starts is that in our back garden a black bird had made her nest in an archway, and when this was done last year our dogs killed the babies as they tried to fly and failed. My dad kept an eye on the blackbirds as both the male and female worked hard and had 3 babies. Unsure when they would start flying we didn’t manage to lock the dogs in in time and the first bird was killed so my dad locked the dogs in so the second one managed to spend a day flying around successfully.

The next day the dogs killed one of them, not sure which, because we can’t leave them locked in forever and we don’t know when the birds are going to try and fly. After my dad had finished eating dinner he had 2  bones that he said I could give the dogs but he refused to as he wasn’t happy with them as they killed the two baby birds.

I think his own words were ‘The two blackbirds being working hard getting food for the babies and finding stuff for the nest all this time to be killed by lazy dogs that do nothing all day’.

Now I’ve never ever told animals off like cats and dogs for killed birds or anything because it’s instinct, they think they’re pleasing us and to tell them off won’t change what they do, you’ll  just confuse them and upset them. So I was angry at him being mad at the dogs for this, and looking at the bones he had for the dogs I decided I had a point.

I asked my mum what the bones were of, and she said lamb. And I quite happily pointed out some ewe out there worked hard raising that lamb and he’s just gone and eaten it, just like the dogs eating the birds, how is it different? I also pointed out how he’s always saying the dogs are so stupid yet he thinks they understand why he’s mad at them? They’re hardly going to think ‘oh it must’ve been that bird I killed, better not do that again’ UNLIKELY.

I said being mad at them was stupid, and my mum said I must be a little mad at them for killing the birds and I quite honestly said I wasn’t in the slightest. I added that it’s very sad, of course I was sad the baby birds had been killed by the dogs but I wasn’t mad at the dogs. Just like I’m sad all these cows, pigs, sheep, chickens etc. get killed and eaten all the time by people, it doesn’t mean I’m going to be mad at the world! It’s a waste of anger and deep down I’m sure my parents must see it’s ridiculous and childish to be mad at the dogs for this.

I just felt like raising this point, as it kinda explains my vegetarianism which I never have really done as I can’t find the way to explain it. Also maybe I’m kind of hoping someone with cats or dogs might read this and think a bit before they tell them off when they kill something.

Thanks for reading.

RukiBlue =)

Sometimes it’s the boring things that you remember the most.

April 20, 2010


I haven’t written a blog in a little while now as I didn’t really have any inspiration, I did the memory thing a week in the hopes I’d always think of something and have a story, but turns out memories are things that just come back to you at random points and trying to think of one a week just makes it difficult to remember them.

So I got this memory, which has the be the shortest memory ever but it got me thinking so I want it to be my memory this week. It reminded me of a quote from Up that I hadn’t really understood when I heard it even though I found it quite sweet. When Russell is talking about the times he spent with his dad counting red and blue cars he says the line ‘Sometimes it’s the boring things you remember the most you know?’ And to be honest I didn’t get it, my head went straight to a lot of non-boring stuff in my life that I remember very well.

I soon decided though it wasn’t memories in general, it was more like you’re memory of someone which makes a lot more sense, if you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of losing someone all the memories you have of them are the most simple, the moments that people would think were boring but they weren’t really to you.

My actual memory of the week I got when I was at my grandma’s house, I hadn’t used her bathroom in a while and when I went in and went to lock the door I was hit with a memory. I always always think of this memory when I go to lock that bathroom door and I’ll never know why it stuck with me but it did.

One time when I was younger, my grandma and grandad must’ve got a new lock on the door, cause my memory is going into the bathroom and turning the lock but not hearing a ‘click’ or anything so I kept fiddling with it until my grandad came along and explained that even though it doesn’t make a noise or anything it has actually locked and can still be opened from the inside, but not from the outside. I guess I’d never heard of a lock like this and found it interesting, maybe that’s why I remembered but now everytime I go to lock the door I remember him telling me that.

My grandad died nearly 3 years ago now I think, and I still remember him of course but it’s kind of difficult to keep the memories, so when I went into the bathroom and got this flash of a memory it felt real and special, it was then I understood the quote about the boring things being what you remember the most, as my other memories of my grandad are him simply plugging in the keyboard for me or telling us a story.

I then went on to think of other memories of people or animals that have gone and wondered if they were simple too. Memories of my nan are just her talking about the past, hugging me goodbye for the last time, one time when I told her I didn’t like the yoghurt I’d been given and she pulled a face at me and all the times she kept offering me fudge. All simple I’d say.

Memories of my favourite horse at my riding school Topsy who I swore was my sort of horse partner in life, if I was a horse I’d act like her! Me and Topsy had some super crazy moments which I of course I remember but when I get really sentimental about it, my focused memories are just standing stroking her as she nods off before a ride with my flective jacket making her coat look bright yellow, or saying bye to her at the field gate the last time I saw her and my personal favourite when she would just stop on a ride and look at a view of something and I’d say one day we’d run away together.

Stella was my sisters horse who died a year ago, and I still miss her so so much, I have to make her an RIP video and I have the song but I end up listening to it and getting depressed instead of making the video (like right now). I had lots of lessons on Stella and hacks, and goodness knows I made a lot of videos about those on youtube, but my memories are once again the boring stuff. The time I told her there was nothing to be afraid of on a dark yard when suddenly a bag fell off the fence and we both jumped like a foot in the air, and I admitted ‘ok except that’. Also the times when I’d just stop grooming her and give her a hug around her belly as she fell asleep cause she was so cosy and warm, and another memory for some reason is the time my sister actually let me lead her in from the field.

Ok to be honest the reason this blog has gone on for so long is because I can think of plenty of people and animals I’ve lost, so I keep thinking ‘well I can’t leave them out’ but I really must stop now before I bore someone though it may have already happened or I get so depressed I don’t go to my workshop in an hour.

If you want me to ramble about anymore, say so and I’ll make another blog. Because I feel very aware I haven’t mentioned my dog Shep.

RukiBlue =(

My Funniest Mistakes in Essays.

March 15, 2010


My third memory of the week it about two separate essays really, but the funniest mistakes I made in them during sixth form, they’re more grammatic or repetitive stuff really.

In the first essay, I was analysing Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider for camera angles, mise-en-scene etc. and I had to say what each of the things I talked about meant. I thought it was alright for one of my essays but didn’t really read it through as I should’ve as I rushed it last minute.

In the next lesson we were getting our work back with notes on them and graded, but as Sir gave me mine he said “I have two words for you, ‘this shows’ ” I didn’t know what he meant and figured I had not said enough of what each thing I’d mentioned showed so I just smiled and nodded, then I looked at the sheet and saw there were circled parts of my work all the way through it. As I looked through it I realised he’d counted how many times I used the words ‘this shows’ and it ended up being around thirty something times!

Since then I’ve been very careful to come up with other ways of saying this shows and only using it a couple a times in an essay at the most. Now the next memory is shorter but I wrote an essay explaining why I did certain things in the magazine I’d made and it was one of those essays I’d taken special care in not saying ‘this shows’ too much yet when I got called up to have a talk about it I couldn’t help but think that’s what he was going to mention again.

However he said it was generally really good except one paragraph, I looked at it and couldn’t see much wrong with it, it was quite long but not so much so that it was too long, but then he pointed out I had no full stops in it and had got so caught up in making point after point that I’d just kept using commas instead of full stops so the paragraph was one big sentance.

You know I’m not so good at this essay things sometimes.

Rukiblue =)

The Unexpected.

March 9, 2010


Do you ever find you have a certain perception of how a day is going to go? And when it turns out nothing like that it can be completely surreal and unexpected. Well today was one of those days.

I woke up at 6.30am as my alarm had effectively woken me up, I summed up I had around 6 photos to take perfectly for photography or I would fail and I had to take them before 9am. After that I figured I’d be far behind on digital media as I’d done none of it over production week and then script and screenwriting would be boring or lead onto how my script was horrific. That was my perception of how the day would go, I also suspected certain people in my class would be off with me for missing all my lectures the day before.

So I went and took the photos, just hoping and praying they would be good and come out well, and sent them into development then made my way to digital media…. ok so maybe I was correct about this part I was behind (but others were too) and maybe someone seemed a bit off with me about yesterday. BUT I managed do some good work that actually did what I wanted more than it didn’t and I didn’t actually mind someone being off with me as others weren’t and I just didn’t care.

Next I went and got my developed photos and I was stunned! They had come out perfectly! I actually had a choice on what ones to pick and I’d accidently made a fantastically perfect shot in one of the photos! I joyfully got them on my usb and went to script and screenwriting.

I was unusually early so I oddly found myself seated between boys in the class I rarely hung out with, but I didn’t mind. As the class went on I found it odd being outside my usual cliche I guess… but I ended up helping the boys I was with and we ended up in a group for our project, also my pitch about script idea seemed to be recieved well but I wasn’t sure if this was maybe a silence of that was a load of rubbish, but then my group decided it was really good and should be the one we filmed….still surprised about that one.

Then as if things couldn’t be any weirdly better our work wasn’t due in for photography and a project I didn’t do which I thought turned out to be 10% of our grade turned out to be a warm up for the real project that was worth 10% of our grade! Our entire class turned up and had good fun, then we got let out early!

I am very pleased with this day =)

Rukiblue =D

The Firemen Story

March 8, 2010


As before this is my memory of the week story which I put in short on twitter and this is the full story.

Right I live around the corner from a fire station and further up from there is my high school, Pattzii, Tj and I were heading home from school and we stopped by the fire station as across the road is the road where Tj lived so we were talking just about random stuff before saying bye. But we partially watched what was going on at the fire station as there was one truck out and one about to leave.

Gradually over time we noticed the firemen kept running back and forth from the truck, doing random things but anything but leaving, they were there for absolutely ages and we joked the ones running into the station and not returning were having a cup of tea. We really hoped they weren’t going to some sort of emergency as it was likely any house would’ve burnt down by this point.

They finally all got in their trucks, and the two of them left….the only thing was they went in two different directions…we hoped that was intentional haha. Anyways those are the people who our lives depend on in a fire…hope that’s not what they’re like at an emergency.

Hope you enjoyed the memory of the week.

Rukiblue =)